You must be wondering how is it possible and how it all works? Or you might be thinking that you might get charged extra for calling the mobile number?

You won’t get charged extra other then the rates charged as per your normal mobile call rate specified by your phone provider. There are no extra charges to call our mobile access numbers.

When you call any of the access numbers specified on this website, you will be prompoted to dial the phone number you wish to call.
Enter the number following 0011+ country code + phone number.

Just wait and you will be connected the destination number. Enjoy Talking!!

Making Calls from your Mobile

You can call our mobile access number to call many countries.

If you are on a Mobile CAP plan and have free inclusive minutes on your mobile phone to call 1300 numbers, you can use those free minutes to call our 1300768362 access number.
By calling our access numbers, you will only be charged as per the calling rates specified by your service provider or specified on our website

Instead of calling international phone numbers from your mobile phone (which are quite expensive), you can call our access numbers and then dial the international number you wish to call. That way you are using free inclusive minutes (if you have any) on your mobile phone and you won’t get charged for international calling rates.

That way effectively you can call overseas for FREE.

Making Calls from your Landline/Home Phone

If you are calling our mobile number access number to make calls, you can even benefit by calling from your home phone/landline. Well this is what you have to work out.

Find out if you have mobile cap on your home phone, some service providers gives you Mobile calling cap (for eg. you can call to a mobile number from homephone/landline for around A$2 for 20 minutes)
You need to find out from your service provider if you have any type of capping for calling 1300 number and how much does it cost you.
If it works out to be cheaper to use the mobile cap to call our access number then you can save on your international phone bills.

Is it really free?

Yes – you only pay for the cost of the local leg of the call and most mobile phones in Australia have plenty of inclusive monthly cap plan minutes for calling other mobiles which in effect makes the total overseas call free.

If you have mobile cap plan you can use your cap minutes to call our mobile access numbers. It will be covered by your cap plan and you will be able to make free international calls


If you are on a mobile Cap Plan

$99 Plan


You get

– 70 minimum spend

– $800 free calls

– Calls to 1300 numbers are included in your $800

You can use $800 to call our access number for the cost of a local mobile call and make international calls through this, so eventually making free international calls as the calls will be covered by your mobile cap plan.

Even if you make international calls from your existing plan (without any CAP), you do not need to dial international number direct from you mobile because it costs you a international call rate but if you dial 1300768362 and then make international call through that it will only cost you a local mobile call

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