Free International Calls using Your Mobile
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Free international calls

SmartCalling is back with free international call service

How to Make free international calls:

1. Call 1300768362

2. After the prompt, dial your international number for free call

Dialing Format: 0011 + Country Code + Number + #

Example to Call India Free: 0011 91 + international number #

All you need to have is a Good mobile Cap Plan to Dial 1300 Numbers from Your mobile to make Free International Calls!


SmartCalling provides a solution to Make Free International Calls using your mobile cap minutes (free minutes to call 1300 numbers & make calls to Australian mobiles).

You can Make Free International Calls from your Australian mobile using your included cap minutes by simply dialling a local Australian 1300 number.

SmartCalling saves you lot of money on your international phone calls from Australia. Try using us for making free international calls and you will find the difference in your phone bills.

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